Unes: Prologue

This is a short story.

Certainly, it couldn't be a long one, it happened within a matter of moments. An improbably short period of time. An instant. Less than that.

This is a story unlike the others.

I've seen the ones who claim to know about Their past. The ones who think they understand the Void. Ones who attempt to drive people to do stupid things by filling their heads with LIES of where, when, how, WHY to attempt they things they do.

Such people are of no importance to me at this point. They don't matter. They re the ones who have been decieved. They are the mad ones. They have all claimed to see the darkest shadows. They have all been to where their stories claim to have been, right?

They have all been wrong.

They have all been eliminated.

THEY, the ones who were the sole experts of their own creations have been brought down by the means that were meant to bring them up, the ones who attempt to shine above the rest, while they watch the innocents below them squirm and writhe from their own contrivances and twisted fantasies, THEY are the ones who have suffered now. Suffered as they have told others to suffer. As they have BEEN told to suffer.

As they have ALWAYS suffered.

This is a chronicle of epic proportions. An endless tale told within the confines of half an instant.

This is a story. Of how the world first ended.

Thanks to 2538 commonplace horrors. The power they held.

And to them.

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