Continues from Balance in Mind

There he was, where it all began; where the Objects themselves were created and separated, where the war raged between forces indefinable. Good and evil played no part in this battle. No, this battle was between chaos and order, between the Objects and the things that wanted them. This wasn’t heaven and hell, there was no struggle for a certain prize. This time the Objects were on trial, the Objects were the ones defending themselves. By all accounts, at that spot nearly infinity ago, is when and where the realms became unbalanced. Fitting that he would find sanctuary here, as Essum would never go there willingly, never would he come to his true place of creation, for this is where the 2538 were born, and he himself born of them. Perhaps he doesn’t know how easily he can be undone in a place of birth.
Balance knew his weaknesses.

“I can’t help you, Balance.”
“Why not Legion, together we will be unbeatable.”
“Okay, but I can’t put Devaide in that kind of danger.”
“I understand but-”
“But nothing! Don’t question me, mortal Balance.”
“Legion, I do not wish to fight you, in case you forgot, without my help you would not be immortal. Furthermore, The Legion, if Essum succeeds in his quest, he will consume everything. Starting with the Objects; all the Objects. Including the white Diamond on your chest.”

There were so many catacombs at the Tower, one could get lost if one were to not pay attention. Although the tower seemed small from the outside, one learned long ago when dealing with the Objects, nothing was what it seemed. The Tower inside stretched on for kilometres in all direction, outside it simply looked like a big stone tower. Balance also noticed the huge amounts of books and novels within the library located on the 521st floor (Guess how many there were in total). During his spare time, Dallas read about Edo Edi Essum; his origin, his goals, the stories, documents and fables about him... It occurred to Balance that he couldn’t simply destroy Essum, that would offset the balance far too dramatically. No, he'd have to contain him. For eternity. Once and for all, he'd make sure the Objects would never come together.

“Again thy brings yourself into my room and again thy be ignorant of all my rules. If you were mortal, I would end you.”
“Hello again, The End, I have something to ask of you.”
“Every time you bring yourself into my realm you ask of me something, Dallas. Do not take me for ignorant.”
“Because you are the eldest and wisest of all Holders, The End. You are the first Holder; you and you only have the answer I seek. I implore you to answer to the best of your ability.”
“Indeed I will, as I always have, Dallas.”
“Is the coming together nigh?”
“This was not the answer I was hoping for, as it is much more confusing.”

“Grinmirin, Tramal” he said, clasping my hands together. He drew them apart slowly and in-between my hands the crisp, dry air shimmered like heat off a concrete highway. I made a swirling motion with my hands and the shimmering air took the shape of a circle; almost like a mirror. “Otanalahm” Dallas finished the incantation by flexing my palms. The shimmering air turned into a silver liquid, like mercury being held up by a powerful fan on the ground. Then it hardened into a shiny, smooth surface, the portal showed my reflection like a mirror but was so much more. This was the Grinmirin Tramal, the Looking Glass, it is used when things need to be seen. Or want to be seen.
“Kimmo, Shelby.”
Find Shelby.

“You’re the last person I expected to show up, Dallas.”
“Yochanan, I expect you thought you rid yourself of me.”
“Never. So long as there is a single out of place grain of sand you’ll be somewhere trying to fix that. What do you want, Dallas?”
“My name is Balance, Yochanan. My name is what it is, yours is nothing but a label. A label to nothing. Which is what you are, Yochanan; Nothing. You Will Help me with what I need done. Or so help me-”
“And I quote; "The paty known as Dallas shall seise and dissist all attempts of Harm (as defined in article 12 of This Contract) against the personnage of the party known as Yochanan. Attempted harm against Yochanan shall result in reprimands against the personnage of Dallas in excess of the intended harm against Yochanan-" Need I go on, Dallas?”
“Yochanan, Essum will destroy all you-”
“My Brother will do what he will, I've no right to stop the order of things. You are a creature of order, why do you so heartily fight the end?”
“If you cannot help me, then I cannot help you.”
“Gravely, you misunderstand me, Balance. You seem to think I'll rue the day I am devoured.”

Dallas saw her gardening, her long brown hair flowed freely in the breeze from her head past her shoulders. Her nephew, Sheldon, was bouncing a ball in the parking lot nearby. Shooting hoops. She lived with her sister now, and Dallas had a clear view from the back of her body from the top down. He hadn’t seen her since he had become that what he was; and he almost forgot how beautiful she was. Dallas wished, fot a moment, that the view got to see her big green eyes. Her perfectly pale skin seemed to glow in the sunlight. In that moment Dallas realized that he would do anything to protect her, why he still loved her was a complete mystery to him, but he did. He guessed that’s what kept him going, the thought of her eventually coming back to him. Balance felt like a stalker hiding in the trees; from his omnipotent view he could see everything around her, including a dark shadow when it swept across the view. Balance stood up quickly, his fists clenched.
Sheldon was gone.
The sky went dark, and Balance saw Shelby look to the right and give a horrible, bloodcurdling scream.
Another shadow and she, too, was gone.
A figure crept into view, in a dark black cloak, almost like someone took the darkness and made it darker, like another shadow from the freak solar shadow that shrouded my view.
It looked directly at where Dallas's view was from.
It was Essum, and he was laughing.

“I guess he knows my weakness, too...”

Continues with Essum in Balance

Part of The Balance Saga.

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