Who Seeks the Seekers?

They must never come together. Ever. There are quite a few who seem, for diverse reasons, to desire this fundamental law undone. To do so would bring about the unspeakable.

I remember reading that in some old book once. Never really bought into it, but, in light of some of the stuff I've seen recently, I'm starting to believe, maybe, just a little. But, even if it is just all a pile of horseshit, then what I've been doing is fun as hell.

Prologue - Who Seeks the Seekers

I Seek You

I Seek You, Gentleman Jack

An Unwelcome Discovery

Some Holders Won't Submit

I Love the Smell of Cinereal in the Morning

Symphony of Hate and Rage

See the Past, Be the Present, Seek the Future

A Dangerous Mistake to Make

What Good This Hunger

Filthy Angel


More is yet to come.

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