Huh. So one would assume this is Praetorious, if that is still his name? I hadn't pictured he would end up like this, but it's interesting to see this turn of events nonetheless. I'm eager to see where it will lead. And also why he's become the way he has. If you're still looking for someone to collab with, PM me or email me at I'm willing :) -Jude

It is indeed Praetorious, although he has a few aliases at this point. Jude would be pretty excellent for collaborating with, actually, so I think I'll take you up on it. As soon as I have more time I'll shoot you an email.

Two words: $%#&ing awesome.

Excellent as the Edo series was, I'm expecting total mind$#%& out of this one. - MisterVercetti

I just took notice of the fact that he mentions having to wear a glove on his left hand. That's a pretty kick ass reference to what happened to his hand in the other series. -Jude

Thanks, guys. To be honest, I wasn't sure if anyone would like this that much; I'm glad it's getting such a warm reception. Hopefully I'll be able to deliver on the mind$%#&ing.
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