holder of the gun

In any city or in any town, go to a shop selling guns, and ask the assistant to see the Holder of The Gun. If he gives you a look of pure horror, then run, just run, don't stop, he will kill you as soon as you stop. If he gives you a look of disgust, he will show you to a room.

When you enter the room there will be a gun on a table, a type of gun that has never been heard of before.

Don't touch it, you will dead in a instant.

Find the shop assistant and ask how much it is. If they don't say anthing, leave quickly.

If they said any price, don't pay it. That number will be how long you will live. If they say nothing, take it, and ask to shoot it. He will say no, but shoot anyway. After shooting it, a low rumble will be heard, like nothing you ever heard before. Wait two minutes, then another gun will appear. Don't touch it. Ask the same man to tell you what round. He will tell you it your blood.

You will die if don't ask that. You will be gone. All your blood will dissapear.

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