His Holder

Finally, after endless years of searching, endless years of thinking, I know. I haven't slept in months of late. I can't. No one knows, but He. I've... seen things... I wasn't supposed to live, but I did.


He consumes. My friend fell prey to his thoughts. It corrupted him, but it hasn't corrupted me. I know It hasn't. It couldn't have! He said the shadows grew long, but I haven't noticed a thing...

And now, at this very moment, I feel my sanity edging away slowly, like the erosion which wears down even the greatest of structures. I feel it... maybe I'm not different... like the others before me...

My secret is a burden. I wish it could be a harmless one, but I am merely a messenger, caught in a storm of violence. A glimpse of His Shadow could have killed a mere man, but not me, no.

Why, oh why did I have to live?

The End, I always avoided him. Rumours were circulating...

Why me?


I was supposed to meet him, but when the door opened, I found a hallway.



At the end of the hallway, I noticed a... disturbance. Clearly there was light but... a ripple. I knew something was wrong.


The lights began to die, and I slowly followed suit. It wasn't my fault! Flinging myself toward the handle, the door bust open.

Damn my curiosity.

Being the fool I am, I turned. With my two own eyes, I saw Its Shadow. And I saw things. Nightmares. Past. Future.

Does is matter?

I saw things I shouldn't have seen. And I feel It's Presence in me, lingering inside, observing, ready to pounce, just like a predator.

God, I know. He was spawned from Them. When the time was nigh, and their joining failed, He spawned. It spawned. But like all things, It has an origin. Parents. It does not wish to gather them, but to destroy them. It has a Holder.

His cold is corrupting... My eyes deceive me. I feel It closing in on me... oh why meE? His HoldDer... Only when They come together, He will die...


HeE will kneel... The sStars will burn... And When they do, sSo will He. They will own the Objects... All 2538. YouU have destroyed It, but was it worth the price of pandemoniumM?

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