Holder Of Violence

In any city, in any country, go to any prison or penitentiary you can get yourself into. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of Violence." The attendant will almost instantly call for security. You will be beaten and tased painfully before you pass out. When you come to, you will be dragged through the prison down to the Hole. Solitary confinement. If, while you're being transported, the prisoners begin jeering and reaching out at you, yell loud enough to make the guards shiver, "Your battle will arrive soon enough!" If this has not quited the inmates, they will break down what separates you from them and will tear you limb from limb, and you will remain conscious down to the last visceral pop of your flesh.

If you are lucky, you will arrive at your destination. They will bring down a hall to a door. When it opens, it will be pitch black. Don't be fooled, this is not your holding cell. This is an elaborate series of underground tunnels, long plagued with the rest of the Seekers who failed their objective. You must be quick not to join them. Dispatch the men who brought you here as fast as you can so you don't fall victim to what only the gods can know. Dash back through the door they brought you through, and be careful to choose the right one.

You will not burst back into the hallway you were dragged down, but instead you will find yourself trapped inside an arena, of the likes of Ancient Rome. You will be dressed as a gladiator. The audience gathered under this eternal twilight wants to enjoy a show, and not to be spectated themselves. You will be sent, one after the other, creatures of an increasingly grotesque manner which you must kill before they have the chance to do the same to you. However, as you do this, you will feel the same pain you inflict, and what they dish out will be a thousand times worse, and you will live through every single bit of it.

When the wave of demons stop coming, from behind you will come your loved ones, your family, your friends to congratulate you with your feat, but do not be fooled. Instead of being lulled into a sense of security, you must execute them as well, and show no mercy lest you want to face a fate not meant to be yours. Once every droplet of blood has spilled onto the sand beneath your feet, you will collapse on all fours, ready to fall into eternal sleep. Do not falter. Look up into the stands. It does not matter where you face. An emperor will be at ease on his throne, surrounded by servants and beautiful women catering to his every whim. You realize this entity is the Holder of Violence. He will put up a hand to pause them. As he casts his gaze down at you and the gory scene surrounding you, the man will extend an arm. His fist clenched expect for a thumb stuck out sideways. It grows silent as you wait for his judgement. There is no wind, no hushed whispers in the crowd. Your ears begin ringing. And soon enough, he will present his judgement. He may turn his thumb down, and the crowd will simultaneously rush towards you from the stands, decimating every part of your physical being into a fleshy pulp. If you are lucky, he will approve of the show presented, and give you a thumbs up. Now, you must stand and ask a single question. "What violence is in store for the Reunion?"

The Holder will descend from his platform and approach you. He will describe to you every act of violence, every murder, rape, arson, torture, to anything and everything. Your mind will flood with images that will drive you to the brink of insanity, but you must not fail so close to your goal. Your body will be overwhelmed with a jolt of searing pain, which will last until he finishes his story. When he finally stops, his body will simply disappear. At your feet lay his robes. Search through them, and you will come across a golden rod. When you grasp it, you will be back in the prison. You will be dressed in an orange jumpsuit. They will hand you whatever you came in with, along with what you brought back with you.

That Sceptre is Object 297 of 538. May it lead your army well when They come together.
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