Holder of lost memories

Warning: before attempting this object, please note I may not be at my location at the time, if so, then I do apologize.

In the United States, in North Carolina Hendersonville, travel around until you find an old abandoned house, I will be waiting only in one, the one fondest to my memories. Inside, I have no doubt that it will be overrun with some rodents, (snakes, rats, ants, you know), they aren’t part of the quest, so do what you'd like to them. Remember that the house will look like no one has lived in it in hundreds of years, and it's kind of isolated.

Once you found the right one, knock on the door thrice, (not the porch door).
After that the door should be unlocked and you will be free to head inside.
Inside the house will be lit with candles; that is if I’m home. You will not hear much when inside, just the usual thing you might expect, wind, creaking floor boards; the usual. However, if you hear the faint sound of chanting, leave immediately. If you refuse, then the entire room will then turn into a bloody and gory mess, the door will disappear, and my pets will eat you up.

If everything seems to go as planed, head down to the basement it should be the first door to your right, down in the hallway, near the kitchen. Now, when you are down here it will be safe if you hear me talking to myself, (I still find it a bit embarrassing when someone catches me talking to myself though), you will find some more stairs that go downward, head down there, open the door, and meet me. I will hand you a note book, write in it all about the memories you had lost, and now remember.

The notebook will be object 561 of 2538, now that you remember, you won't ever forget.

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