Ieiunitas, Infectus, Talius.

[The following document is classified above top-secret. Any unauthorized persons found to possess it must be executed immediately.]
-[This is a transcript of a transmission from one Corporal Alexander Fenix, location unknown.]
-[Most of the message is garbled, but it was relayed on the frequency reserved for "mission-critical" communications.]

[static]it! Holy shit! It got Wilson too! Re[static]ing immediate assistance! I have never- Oh god, my hand! The skin's falling off my ha[static]ck, oh fuck, I can see the bone! It's spr[prolonged static]

This is Cor[static]nix. I'm currently sitting behind the-shit, my arm! My arm just fell off! This infection, whatever that thing gave me, it's making me rot! I don't think I'm gonna live much long[static]ing came out of nowhere. It just sort of touched down and [silence]

[Whispered]Okay, I don't think it heard me. [Exhales] I've been fighting for my life since about three minutes ago, ever since that thing appeared. It sort of touched down, a few feet from Cole. Before we even knew what happened, Cole was coughing up blood, and his skin was falling off. We opened fire on the thing, but the bullets that didn't disintegrate instantly didn't seem to faze it. We- oh, fuck. Shit, I can see my own ribs. Oh, god, are those my lungs? They're turning all black-[coughing] The thing- fuck it. [Coughing and wheezing, followed by vomiting] I'm s[static]tching to visual.

[Roughly ten seconds of video follows. The camera moves until a humanoid shape comes into view. Its features are obscured by the sun behind it, but two wing-like protrusions from its back can be seen. The creature looks toward the camera, and two horns can be seen jutting forward from either side of its head. The camera loses focus due to the speed at which the creature moves. When it refocuses, the creature is standing over the camera. The light is such that the eyes cannot be seen. Screams can be heard, presumably from Corporal Fenix. The screams stop abruptly with a wet crunching sound. For reasons unknown, the lens of the camera cracks. Eventually, it shatters completely.]

[End Transmission.]

1. Triumvirate.

2. Pessum Ire.

3. Infectos Essun.

4. Paratus.

5. Fatalis Incursium.

6. Talius.

7. Immortalis.

8. Venaliter.

9. Mortuus Monumentum.

10. Cassus Phasmatis.

11. Resurrectium.

12. Velitatio.

13. Initium.

14. Luminis.

15. Calamitas.

16. Extricum.

17. Prolusio ut Terminus.

18. Pondera.

19. Incompositus.

20. Consilium.

~Written by Edeatsyourface.

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