See the Past, Be the Present, Seek the Future

“Jack Empty” That’s all I’ve really been worried about the past two years. Fucker is hell kindsa scary, right? In case I ever forget that simple fact, all I need to do is put my hand to my right eye socket and feel the eyepatch there. Then, I get all pissed off and giddy. That’s a surefire sign that I should be scared. All I’ve thought about for the past two years is his soulless punkass, and what I’m gonna do to him when I find him again. Oh, I’m gonna cut his ass ‘till he bleeds. Which is gonna imply a lot of cutting, since that bastard don’t have any blood.

Two years ago today, that fucker ripped out my goddamned eye, and every day the pain reminds me of how bad I lost. No more, though. Two years, I’ve been training at this Dojo. Mizuchi-sensei, that’s the guy that runs the place. He’s old and Japanese, right, and all fuck kinds of good with a sword. I haven’t told him much, dig? Just that this guy really whipped my ass using some kind of fancy, prissy-ass fighting style. He recognized some of the moves I was able to emulate from that empty asshole, and told me it was called Fencing. So, I offered to pay him a good chunk of cash (I seriously have no idea where this money comes from, there’s just always enough in my wallet. It’s bitchin’) to teach me how to fight.

That was two years ago. In the time I wasn’t at the Dojo, I’d go to any nut house within walking distance, ‘ya know, to see if any idiots tried to snag an object, and in all this time, I’ve only had one. And he was a scrub seeker, going after his first object. Pissed me off. Anyways, ol’ Mizuchi-sensei, right, he is one of the few people who’s ever seen my sword and lived, dig? He seemed intrigued by it, but nevertheless started teaching me some old-ass style called “Iaido”.

I’ve learned all I needed to from old man Mizuchi. He’s a good man, and quite skilled at what he does, and I think I will miss him. But, ‘ya know, I have unfinished business. And I haven’t butchered a seeker in a long, long time. I’m starting to get withdrawals, I think. Or some shit, I’onno, I just wanna kill the hell out of someone. So, I started walking.

I don’t really know how I wound up where I did, but I think it used to be someplace called… Age Industries, or something. “Keeping us better” was a slogan I noticed a few times. Thing is, the place was all surreal. It looked blasted, like, a fucking war was fought in it, but that wasn’t all I saw. I don’t know if I was seeing the past, or the future, or if someone just spiked my coffee, but I saw, kind of see-through, and kind of slow-mo, people going nuts in there, killing each other with their bare hands and popping each other’s heads like fucking watermelons. It was grisly, and it made me pissed. And giddy. I’m not sure what the place really looked like, ‘cos all I saw were walls covered with blood and gore and… god knows what else.

I still don’t know why I kept walking in there, but I found my way to a janitor’s closet. Don’t ask me why, I think my sword was being a douchebag again and dragging my ass where I didn’t want to go, but anyways, I finally went into that closet. Inside, there was a corpse… well, that is to say, I saw a corpse. And I also saw a computer. I’m decently sure nothing was in here, but, well, I think my sword was letting me see the past… or something. It can be a real dick sometime.

Well, on that computer, there was this like… horror story, I guess you’d call it. Project 538, I’m gonna keep a note of that name. Then I got to the part about Jack. I almost cut the computer in half on the spot. Was there anything this asshole wasn’t responsible for? I managed to not shred the computer and kept reading, finding all the research this guy had done. A few more names I intend to remember and look into later: Edo Edi Essum, Infectus, even that Legion bastard again. This is a lot to mull over, dig? But, first things first, I’m gonna go after old Jack again. Only this time, I know what the hell I’m doing… and my goddamned good sword here has taught me a few more tricks of its own.

Continued in A Dangerous Mistake to Make
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