The Holder Of Masquerades

In any city, in any country, go to any masquerade in progress. Remember to bring a mask. There should be a woman in a red dress sitting all by herself in a corner. You could have sworn you have seen her before. Walk up to her and begin conversation. Make sure she likes it, for your fate is in her hands at the moment. Should she beg her leave, quickly get yourself out of town and never come back. Trust me, no mask can hide you from your pursuers.

Should she enjoy the conversation, she will laugh. When she does, move in and whisper in her ear as softly as you can, “What are they hiding?”.

Everyone at the masquerade will turn around and look at you. Do not look in their eyes, for that would be to gaze into the depths of hell. Instead, ask the lady in red for a dance. Should she not accept, pray that your death be swift. Should she accept, take her hand and dance. You will be overwhelmed with her beauty. Many seekers have been lost forever, cursed to dance with her for all eternity. Should your will be strong enough, you will dance through space and time until you find yourself in a beautiful house. It will seem to you that you have seen this house before as well.

The woman will let go of your hand and tend to what seems to be her child. Walk up to him. You will feel that something is not right. That is when the child will turn to you with the most evil grin you have ever seen. Your whole being will be filled with panic and fear. At once, you must ask again. “What are they hiding?”

You will fall to the floor. The boy will walk up to you and be silent for a time before he begins to tell of everything that is not what it seems, of all the conspiracies in the world and of all the false and deceiving people of this earth. When he is done, he will begin to transform. Quickly shut your eyes and think of home. You will wake up in your bed. At your side will be a mask.

The mask is Object 573 of 2538. In your time of uttermost need, put it on.

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