The Holder of Determination

On the fifteenth night of any month, go to a harbor. It doesn't matter which, but if you cannot hear the waves slapping against the shore, you will never escape. Feel free to thrash and scream. If you can,though, continue onto the docks. There will be a medium-sized boat nearest to the entrance of the body of water. Before you enter, see if there is a light on in the cabin. If there is not, walk away and do not look back. It is dark in there for a reason.

If there is a light, continue onto the boat. Head into the cabin, but listen carefully- if you no longer hear the water, say loudly "I am here to prove my worth!" If the sound returns, keep moving. If it does not, prepare yourself for a fate much worse than death.

By now, you will realize that you have been walking for a much longer time than the boat is long. Just keep walking and do not stop. You should see a doorway eventually. The floor around the doorway will have a film of water that seems to stop at an invisible wall. Knock thrice, no more, no less. If you hear the ship groan in protest, flee. Run as hard and as fast as you can, for you must escape the power of the ocean itself. If all is silent, you may open the door.

Inside the room will seem to be completely underwater, but you will be able to breathe easily. In the center of the room will be what looks to be a shell. It will reach almost to the ceiling, and take up the area of a large table. Upon closer inspection, it can be noted that the shell is made of what looks like human bones welded together. That is your fate unless if you ask aloud: "How can one collect them?" Out of the shell will come tendrils of both glorifying and horrific hues. The Holder will attempt to dissuade you from listening, but you have to listen closely to every word It utters.

It will tell you how impossible a task collecting them is, how miserable a creature you are, and so on. Listen with a hardened heart, for it shall push your will to its very limits. Once you are about to break, The colored tentacles will return to the shell faster than you can blink.

It will then begin to speak of unimaginable feats and devastating failures. It will talk about the difficulties of separating The Objects, and the fury with which The Holders protect them. It will speak of the persistence of the Seekers, and the passion that they have to find The Objects.

It will end by asking you a riddle.

This riddle is enough to destroy the mind of the common man, but you have to answer correctly. Once you discover the answer, the Holder will simply grunt as a response. The Holder's snake-like appendages will rapidly shoot out around the room. You must turn around and close your eyes as quickly as you can, for the shape the Holder takes is impossible for a mortal mind to understand, and you will be delivered unto madness.

Once you hear the sound of glass breaking, it is safe to open your eyes. The room will be dry and will lack the water-like texture it contained only moments ago. Turn around, and you will see the shell of the Holder, shrunken. You can pick it up with a single hand, and it shall glow with a color so indescribable, it will drive you to tears. It's light will not cease until the day you die.

The glow is object 782 of 2538, and it will give you the light and the reserve to seek the others out. However, be wary, for it is that same glow that might lead you askew.

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