The Holder of Judgement

In any city, in any country, find a place of Judgement whether it be an inn where a thief is being kicked out or a court where a murderer is being charged. Ask the Old Lady at the back of the place for her verdict; nobody knows what she will say to this... despite that fact and proceed, upon her answer finishing tell her that she has no bearing over you and her opinion does not matter. If she disappears, you have done well although if she remains poised in her seat calmly leave the place you first entered and do not pursue the object again; all attempts will be futile and no lady shall be found. If your effort has payed off and the Holder has left, find a person of no relation to you and commit a wrong against them. She will not care what you have done, hand yourself over to the law enforcement, however nobody will believe you; tell them that you have come for her. They will guide you to a court room that exists for only your trial, the only person in the audience shall be the shrouded Old Woman, do not speak or think in your judging although remain calm in addition to centering your gaze upon the female. If you do no reward shall come to you, no sign of an object will be revealed but the second your verdict has been announced she will cry and remove a sphere coated in blood and leather; ask her for it and she will hand it to you; this sphere is coated in blood from the death and destruction humanity brings, it is coated in leather for the hardness against itself being torn apart by human hands. Should you look inside the sphere, well, nobody has ever lived through it. After you receive the sphere pain will pass through you that is powerful yet bearable; stand through it and stay calm. Your judging has now been completed so forth you and The Sphere are bound through Judgement. The next steps must be followed carefully although there is ways out of what will come if you do not your life will be followed with no danger but a hatred for mankind.

Go to the mans house you wronged and hand him the sphere, he will hand you a book containing words you must never spread; read the book as much as you like but never speak its tongue. Carry the journal with you and answer to nobody what it is. If the Holder returns hand her the book. That journal is Object 1977.

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