The Holder of Magic

Near midnight in any city, go into the slums or any disgusting or poor areas of that city. Walk down any road, in any direction you wish, and think to yourself as you walk, I wish to see the holder of magic. It would help to keep a watch handy for this, as if you are lucky enough to be noticed, you will pass by a very well lit building. A small sign outside next to the door will proclaim in very colorful letters that inside is a feast for the eyes! Do take this sign up on its offer, and walk into the building.

Sure enough, the building will be packed with people. The air will be filled with smoke, and colored lights will flash as the music deafens you. Do not worry, you are not being tried just yet. Keep going through the building, until you find a very large, very empty room. Go to one of the chairs in the room and sit down. The lights will come on after a short while, and the room will no longer be empty. Do not look around - you will not like what you see one bit. Instead, focus on the stage, as The Magician - a man in a purple magicians outfit walks onto the stage.

He will begin to do small tricks - hat tricks, card tricks, those kinds of things. At one point he will cease, and ask for a volunteer. At this, stand up, look him in the eye and ask him "What of this magic do you speak?". At this, his smile will vanish. He will ask you to come up to the stage. Do so, and he will lead you backstage as the curtain closes. He will then tell you of all that has happened in the world concerning magic - of all the falsely accused witches that were sentenced to death, of all those swindled by those with pretend magic, and what is done by those who control real magic.

When his story is done, he will smile at you and proclaim that it is "Time to finish the show!". Walk back out onstage. The curtain will reopen, and in the audience you will find horrible monsters, and some accounts say that other Holders reside in the crowd. The crowd will applaud your efforts, and you will soon black out. However, if you hold aloft object 50, the audience will rise and give you thunderous applause, as The Magician announces "the seeker of the objects!" He will clap his hands, and you will pass out.

You will awaken in your room, and even if you do not have a clock of some sorts, you will know that it is 8:00 in the morning. Take heed not to crush The Magician's hat as you get out of bed, for it is Object 273 out of 538, and even knowing that it is in your possession allows you to remember what happened right before you blacked out...

When you place the object on your head, you will hear Him clapping. Try to at least put on a good show for Him, for no magic of this world can save you from His displeasure.

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