The Holder of Nostalgia

Return to the earliest place you can remember. Focus yourself carefully on the surroundings. Close your eyes and repeat the first word you ever spoke. Open them again, and look to see what has changed. If you cannot find it, then your first memory will be your last, and you will be cursed to endless senility.

Grab onto the warped piece of reality and tell it the name of your first love. The nearest door will decay before your eyes, as if it had been there a thousand years. Open it and enter. The hallway ahead was once white and pure - but now is covered in the blood of its defenders. Do not touch their rotting corpses, as even death cannot destroy their venom.

At the far end is a gate, opened. The gatekeeper, shriveled and mad, still waits behind it. Telling him "I once knew the Holder of Nostalgia" only sends him into a murderous rage as he attempts to unlock the already open gate. Otherwise, nothing that you say will affect him in the slightest.

Pass through the gate. You will find yourself in the idealized world that you believed in as a child. The path continues, curving gently in the direction of your dominant hand. The silence is unnerving, and you will start imagining all the sounds that should be. Even now you should never stray from the path, or listen to the memories of sounds for too long. Doing so will curse you to an endless limbo where you will experience every repressed memory, every stifled scream, every white-washed past that has ever existed.

Instead, continue along the path until you see an old movie theatre, of the kind from the roaring twenties. Enter it at once. The inside will be dark and musty, as if the theatre had been closed for decades. Find your way to the projector room. The door will have been wrenched open by inhuman force. Inside, where the projector would be, there is a throne from the yellowed bones of all those who gazed at the screen and were lost to their past. The screen is dark now, you need not avert your eyes. Instead, gaze upward at what remains of the Holder. Up on the throne you will see a skeleton sitting with its hands in its lap, a massive axe embedded in its skull. Its bony fingers once greedily clasped something, but have been prised open.

That Object that was once here was number 539 of 2538. He is searching for the Objects. Do not let him succeed.

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