The Holder of Righteous Fury

In any city, in any country, go to any religious institution that you can get yourself.

If there is anyone working there ask to see The Holder of Righteous Fury. They will look you up and down as if to assess your worth before taking you into the back of the building.

There will be a door at what would appear to be the very edge of the building. He will tell you that what awaits you is downstairs. When you open the door, you will see a long stone spiral staircase that seems to stretch on into eternity. The only light comes from the few torches that hang from the wall. It is advised to make your way slowly, as the stairs are old and one false step could leave you tumbling down into the abyss.

You will hear wails and cries of anguish. You have two options at this point. You may turn and flee, or you can continue your journey into the dark and winding depths. However, should you choose to flee, it is best that you rid yourself of any of The Objects you have collected and abandon your search for any more. If you don't, Those That Wail will seek you out. When they find you- and rest assured, they will, for Those That Wail require neither food nor sleep nor water, only vengeance- they will consume your soul and you will continue your days as a mere husk of a being.

For those that had the courage to venture further, you must not turn back for any reason. The wails and screams will increase in volume. Eventually, the wails will sound more clear and you'll recognize them as your close friends, family, and everyone else you hold dear. If you find yourself overwhelmed with a desire to protect them, do not ignore it. Allow the pure anger to fill your body and run down the stairs. So long as you're fully consumed by a desire to save them, your feet will land true and you will not tire, though the staircase descends many hundreds of feet.

Once you reach the bottom you'll see a set of double doors. The doors are wooden with golden handles, and the frame contains a series of strange letters. They won't be from any language you can recognize, but upon gazing on them a shiver will run down your spine. There is no other choice but to go through the doors.

What lies beyond the doors is different for everyone. But there are a few universal truths that remain a constant presence. The bodies of your loved ones will be strewn about the room. The same strange letters that marked the door way will be written across the walls in their blood. A sword will lay a few feet from the entrance, covered in blood.

A creature will venture into the room. It will be the most horrifying visage you have ever imagined, and as such is different for everyone. The Creature will look at you and smile. At that moment you will know that it was the one that slaughtered your loved ones. At that moment, grab the sword that lays on the ground and slaughter The Beast. This will be a battle that tests the very limits of your body and willpower. Should you die, your soul will be stuck in this room and you will slowly become that very creature that slayed you and your loved ones.

If you achieve victory over The Creature, the room will fade into a pleasant office. You are filled with the knowledge that it was all a test and that your loved ones were never in any danger and are still alive and well. At the desk in a big comfy chair sits a middle-aged man. His hair is nearly grey, and his skin is wrinkling with age. This is The Holder of Righteous Fury.

He will smile and congratulate you on succeeding on your trials.

Now, you must ask "How can I avenge the fallen?" It is the only question that will elicit a decent response. When you ask this he will calmly explain the history of those that were mistreated and abused by the Objects, and those that used them. It will be a long story but you must listen carefully.

He will finish, and you will feel ready to seek out the ones that manipulate and harm the innocent. He will once again smile, and then will proceed to take a magnificent flail from under the desk.

The flail glows with a white, pure light. It will pass through the innocent, and only strike those that have caused malicious harm to those you have sworn to protect.

This flail is object 548 of 2538. You must use it to avenge those who cannot fight for themselves.

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