The Holder of the Dark Traverse

In any city in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself into. When you approach the desk clerk, ask him to see the Holder of the Dark Traverse.

If he looks up with a look of morbid happiness on his face, you've found the right person. If he looks up and you see a look of relief on his face, turn and run, for if you allow him to look in your eyes for more than a few seconds, you'll forever be cursed to traverse the endless caverns of the dark traverse.

The desk clerk will take you to a processing area, that of which will look almost like a train station. You'll be given a very frail and old looking piece of paper that is, when you look at it, an old 1800's style train ticket. You'll then be forcibly thrown past this area, and into an older looking train station. It's visage will be twisted. The ticket holders' areas will be dilapidated and covered in cobwebs, and the entire area will have a hue of purplish red.

Only one of the ticket holder's areas will be in usable shape, and behind it will be a person, who will resemble the person who you love the most, he or she will ask you to come to them. They will punch a hole in your ticket, and a train will instantaneously arrive in the area from a cloud of thick black smoke. Only one door will open to this train, if two open, do not enter the train and leave the station immediately.

Nobody knows what will happen if you stay long enough for more than one door to open. Once you enter the train, sit down in the seat closest to one of the windows. Take no other seat, for if you do, you will be cursed to remain on this endless traverse until time itself has ended.

After the train begins to move, you will see everything you've ever done that you've regretted in your life. Specifically violent and things that involve the backstabbing of people you considered close to you. As those images out the window cease, the conductor will enter the train car and ask for your ticket in the voice of the one you love most.

DO NOT give him your ticket, instead, ask him one question, and one question only:

"Where do They go, and why?"

The conductor will smile, and take his hat off, looking down at you. He will whisper in the clearest and quietest tone you'll ever have the pleasure of hearing. Brace yourself, because most who hear this once will go insane trying to hear it once again. He will smile, and his eyes will glow bright white as he does.

"They go where They are destined to go," he will say.

With that, the train will abruptly stop, and it will open it's doors and you'll find they lead to a white void. Once you step out of the train car, you'll wake up in your bed the next morning, very clean and clean shaven.

In your jacket pocket will be the ticket to the Train of the Dark Traverse. This ticket is object 1256 of 2538: where the line ends is where They will fight their last and longest battle. Will you be there when the hour of that battle comes?

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