The Holder of the Deleted

There was once a man who read an internet legend about a Holder, and was brave, or foolish enough to seek out the Object.

Through either sheer luck or raw stupidity - to this day it is still unknown which force was in effect - the man found the right place, asked to see the Holder, saw the correct reaction, followed the worker, and faced the Holder head on.

The puzzle the man had to solve involved use of his imagination and powers of manifestation. The man managed, through what can only be described as a miracle, to manifest his body out of the void he was thrown into when he asked the Holder the question, clutching the Object in his left hand.

He even managed to get away, initially, with the Object still in hand.

When he realized what he held in his hand, he was horrified.

Not only did he earn the Object of his own raw spiritual strength, he saw what it had cost not only him, but everybody involved, including those who were not.

The man decided he had to put a stop to this somehow.

First, he had to do something about his own Object. Its properties described it as being able to delete whatever its holder was thinking of. Well, what if he used it to delete itself?

It occurred to him what would happen, though. It would be what would happen if the man were thinking of Everything, and pressing the button.

He felt, though, after what he had witnessed when he encountered his first Holder, that it would be worth it to try. He focused an image of the delete key in his hand, and pressed it.

What may or may not remain of him is Object 789 of 2538. Not even time itself knows where it is now.

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