User:Stigma-231, without the confirmation e-mail. I will begin editing on my account as soon as I can, but unfortunately as I write this I can't, and thus have to contribute anonymously.

In the meantime, I suppose I will use this to talk a little bit about myself, as uninteresting as I may be. Why read this when there are over 538 other pages you could be reading? Have you read them already? I envy you, and am working my way to this. In the end, I'd like to thank you for taking a moment to come here and look at this little piece of my existence, among many scattered across the vast space of the Internet.

I am not much, as aforementioned. I'm a student, young but a bit old for my age if you know what I mean. I have been essentially obsessed with reading the Holders series to completion for a few months now, only recently being able to take enough courage to sit and read the stories for long periods of time. Now, I'm not usually a fan of "creepypasta," but I stumbled upon the story of The Holder of the End on Encyclopedia Dramatica's compilation of it. The rest of the page was either intriguing or disturbing (but mostly disturbing), but on the mention of there being more of such stories, I wanted to see more. So I looked, and I found. Perhaps at first I was too frightened to sleep without the comfort of the television on, and I couldn't read after dark. I got sidetracked, but recently returned to my readings. Perhaps I craved more to sate my mind's hunger, needing more than the video games I usually attempt to consume. Now, I'm not as frightened after I leave the screen, and am able to consume more in one sitting. Quite the thrill, I must say.

Honestly, I am not much of a writer. I'm far too...lazy for such a task. I may have ideas, but none are ever executed, and when I do write, it rarely executes as I like. I may not write stories, but I do enjoy roleplaying, as infrequently as I am able to do it. I used to be an artist, but have since hidden that for reasons I can't quite comprehend. My circles haven't quite comrephended it, either. We leave it at "I no longer wish to pursue it as I once did." It's as dead as the spiders who died their own deaths on my walls, perhaps every now and then stirred by a draft that dies down as well. I usually play video games to pass the time, what time I do have between lessons, of course.

But now I have another time-consumer. I now read the Holders series. My main work on this wiki is grammar-related, as it is on most other wikis. I have been editing wikis, mostly Wikia gaming wikis, for well over a year now, and have become an administrator on at least four. I know my way around, although this site clearly runs differently from my typical wikis. But then again, my typical wikis aren't about otherworldly beings.

Now, I am done being a time-consumer. I am not much, with perhaps the most interesting parts of me layed bare above. Perhaps they are even less. I thank you for the time you have spared to read this, if you have, or even just for glancing at this, and am rather delighted that someone would take even the shortest look. If anyone has any questions, comments, or anything of the sort, I ask that they leave a message on my discussion page, and I will promptly respond. I have wasted enough of your time. Again, thank you for reading, and perhaps we'll see each other some time on one side or other.

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