I write.

I'm almost good enough that I'd be reluctant to use my stories over blank paper for kindling.

But not quite.

FYI: I am occasionally harassed by an asshole religious fundamentalist troll, which I confess, is not a sentence I ever thought I'd type.

Somehow, in another of my stories(The Tower, catch is on by username Caanti Numera), I interpreted a bible verse in a way that pissed the idiot off, and soo, the (pathetic) attack commenced. Before, the idiot mostly restrained himself to spamming my emails and private messages.

He (or if you prefer, she) left me alone for awhile before recently turning the dial to eleven with a campaign against the first story I posted here, The Holder of Zero, where s/he attacked others as well.

The story may or may not have been deleted, but that was due to a separate issue, that being due to my inattentiveness.

Anyways, just be warned that saying anything in my favor/treating me like a normal user may put you in the crosshairs of this individual. If you have anything to say to me that is not a direct response to one of my comments on a talk page, I highly recommend using forum PM's to do so.

The Warden of Envy
The Holder of Inexistance
The Holder of the Transfinite
The Holder of the Immaculate Corpse

Archive of the Stories that never were:

Any story listed below is one that doesn't fail on a canon/objective basis, per se, but cannot be posted elsewhere on the site, ever for other reasons.

These stories are not and will n-e-v-e-r be Canon. It goes without saying that any Object numbers used, are not taken (Unless there is a canon story where they've been taken).

That said, enjoy.

(Nothing currently archived.)
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