Yus, I R Riku lord of teh awesome... Yeah I can't keep the n00b speak up.

~ Written ~

The Holder of Carnage ~ In Leigon's Objects

~ Upcoming Ideas ~
For personal use only, if there are mistakes/crap ideas then fear not, they WILL be fixed before anything is uploaded. No one is permitted to use my ideas at any stage.

~ Holder of ~

Exploitation/Enslavement > trapped > power > authority > feeble > strong will
The Immoral > evil > being judged > feeling dirty/low > own standards

~ Seeker ~

Name: Chris Green; Age: 20's; Marital Status: Single; Location: England; Profession: Reptile expert in a pet store
Friends: Jamie Mann, Kieran Daniels, Sophie Daniels, Dianne Lock

Full profile on The Holders Message Board.

164 Holder of Devotion (Daughter)
047 Holder of The Centre (Mark on hand)
154 Holder of The Moon (Mark on Hand edited)
179 Holder of Trajectory (Eye Patch)
019 Holder of Innocence (Phallus/Phallic shaped something)
059 Holder of Twins (Reflection)
060 Holder of Work (Shoes)
090 Holder of the Seeker (yourself possible)
120 Holder of Sweets (cookie)
159 Holder of Treachery (claws)
170 Holder of Centuries (Immortality)
236 Holder of Trust (necklace)
248 Selfishness (pearl)
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