the Holder of Anticipation

In any city, in any country, go to any hospital and, ignoring the front desk entirely, make your way to an operation room. Be sure that it is in use.

Take two chairs from somewhere in the hospital and set them near the room and sit in one, looking at the floor with a depressed look.

Should the operation finished before someone sits in the other chair, place the chairs back exactly where they came from and leave as quickly as you can without being noticed. Do not sleep for three days and do not be alone. If you survive this period of time, they did not notice your presence and you may try again at another time.

If this does not happen, a man will sit in the chair next to you. Ask for "the Holder of Anticipation". Do not look up until he rests a hand on your shoulder. He should be wearing a grim expression and nod at you. He will get up and move to the operation room doors. Follow him but face your back to the doors. He will open the doors for you. Walking backwards, take three cautious steps in. You will notice it's not an operating room but do not focus on that. Watch the man and he will turn around as you have and walk through the doors which will swing shut silently behind him.

As he begins to walk backwards, you must do the same. Do not turn around for the Holder is watching you and will protect It's Object without mercy or hesitation. As you continue to walk backwards you will notice that you seem to still be in the hospital but there are windows to either side of the hallway. You may look out these windows for now without consequence but if you value your existence I do not advise it. Soon the walls will distort and discolor. The windows will darken and it is no longer safe to look for the Holder is jealous and the horrors that will soon start to float by will distract you from your goal.

Keep your eyes firmly locked on the man who showed you in. The distortion and evil taint will grow in your surroundings. If you are not of a strong mind it will drive you mad and you will be sucked out the windows to the black void, left forever to be ravaged by winds, demons, and worse.

You will both walk like this for an amount of time that differs from person to person but do not fret. Even if hunger gnaws at you and you feel terribly exhausted you will not collapse. You must keep focused on the man’s back. At some point in the walk he will try to turn to face you. As soon as he does this you must shut your eyes and say in a whisper, “You mustn’t, it’s against the rules.” If you don’t do this quickly enough, a razor sharp maw will disintegrate you and you will know pain as no other mortal has. If you have, he will say in a voice that seems to echo oddly, “Oh yes, silly me.” Continue walking with your eyes shut.

Be very careful as you walk for at another seemingly random point in time you will try to step back and there will be nothing there. Simply stay where you stand at the edge of this precipice. Know that the man has gone now, turned to his true form and is before you now. You will hear the ragged breathing and smell rotten human meat. Do not open your eyes. The Holder will make you pay dearly if you give in now.

Feel the hot breath start to wash over you. Do not move and start to hold your breath. The hot breath will come closer and closer, the Holder will inch forward quietly but not silently. It will be just in front of you but do not react until you can feel its breath right at your throat. At this point, say quietly and fearfully, “What is it They are waiting for?” If you have said this at the right time, the Holder will lean over your shoulder and whisper back to you in a voice that will cause even the most steeled individuals to weep. It will tell you of every ambush and every traitor who bides his time. It will speak of monsters hunting children in the dark and the things that are always behind you waiting to strike that you will never see no matter how many times you look until it’s too late. When it has finished you must stand there for five minutes with your eyes shut tight. When you open them, you will be laying in your bed at the place you call home. You will feel a hot breath for a moment on the back of your neck.

This breath is the Object and will follow you. The world watches with bated breath.

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