the holder of the forsaken

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls them self "The holder of the forsaken".
"As you wish," they will reply, with an empty, perhaps fearful, smile. They may let out a chuckle at your request, but they'll lead you down a hall, with a steady gait.

You will reach a stone door, which although may look heavy, will swing aside with a light push from your guide. You will continue on through a series of tunnels, resonating with the echoes of an underground system, although you never stepped down stairs. Soon, you will reach a point in the complex in which the walls seem to be dirt, and the wooden supports are mostly rotted and shrouded by cobwebs that tell a tale of abandoned lairs.

There is a iron, barred door here, and whomever guided you here will slowly say, "I'll leave you to yourself now," and turn away and walk back the way you came. You will be alone, and you will feel alone, but you will be welcomed by the sight of a skull. There is a face-down corpse in the center of the room you're in, when you turn the corpse over, you'll notice a familiar face, you see your own face, and there is a key, within the puddle of blood benath your corpse. To gain the object you will be required to obtain this key, pick up the key and unlock the barred room, once you enter the skull will begin to glow, a red glow within it's eyes. Don't stare into the eyes, you will loose your mind. You have to take the skull, then exit the room. From the room where you found your corpse, you will be guided back to the entrance by a small floating light. (object #1421 - #2538)

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