the holder of the gun

In any city, in any country, go to the nearest military surplus store.

Ask the clerk for the "Holder of the Gun". The clerk will have a crazed look in his eyes and say, ''Right this way''. You will go to the basement and continue for a few minutes. You will hear the cries and screams of women and children the whole way.

If the cries stop at any time, you must say "I am here to set you free." If you do not repeat those words, you will be sprayed with bullets by a unknown force.

At the end of the hallway, there will be a steel door covered in dents. In small letters it will say ''Door to Hell''.

Open the door and you will enter a war-zone with not a living plant or animal in sight. The skies will be blackened with smoke. The only sounds you will hear are the screams of men and exchange of bullets. You must sprint through the waste land until you find an old man in a trench.

Jump into the trench. The thick old man will point a 12 gauge shotgun towards your head. He will ask, "What be ye business?" Reply "Mercenary work." If you say anything different, your head will be blown into pieces and you will spend all of eternity there.

If you give the right answer, he will ask, "What is your weapon of choice?" Say any fire arm of your liking. He will give you the weapon but on the side will be carved the words "For the Fallen".

That gun is object #1231 of 2538. Do not let them meet.

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