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 Post subject: Listen Up People!
PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:05 pm 
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Okay so it has been almost four years since the original creator of The Holders had posted or been active in anyway. We MUST find out what has happened and what will happen to this site, the main site and all the wonderful stories we've come to love.

So here is what I propose we do, Sysop hasn't been heard from in a long time by either the other admins or global moderators. We need to find them, Sysop is the only one with the actual ability to do anything to the site, and I don't think hacking will work as this problem if I'm correct originated from hacking, plus we need Sysop's permission to do anything with this site, otherwise we may face legal ramifications. Even if they want nothing to do with this series any further, we need some form of formal announcement as to what will happen to these sites and forums. Many writers have worked hard on these stories, years have been spent on The Holder Series, I remember I was in 4th Grade(U.S School System) when I first found the series but I was too young to be an active writer, and now that I am I will not sit back and let a series I came to love as a child fade away to be forgotten and the fact there are new users gives me hope that other feel the same as well. Ask everyone who can to do the following:

For those that have social media accounts, network with as many people as possible and get the word out that we are looking for any admins, former admins, moderators or hopefully Sysop themselve.
Everyone that can spead the word and put a global alert for all those that know of this site to come together and figure out how we can salvage what remains of this community. Message people, talk in real life to those that express knowledge of Sysop or other admins. I hope this isn't to much to ask of you guys but this series has had too much work put into it just to crash and burn. If you feel the same network and keep this site known. Hopefully we will find Sysop if not then we will figure something out together

Thank you and Good Luck fellow Seekers :D


 Post subject: Re: Listen Up People!
PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:00 pm 
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HIIII i got your Tumblr message.

Unfortunately, Sysop has largely been a mystery to us even back when he was active. We don't really know anything about him, the only thing i really remember being that this was apparently only one of several sites he actively managed at the time. I don't know what the other sites were though, and I don't think any of us ever had his name or contact info.

I can do some digging around on the site, and maybe Arca will know something more, but I'll let you know if I find anything!

No one else could gain admittance here, because this entrance was meant solely for you. I am now going to shut it.

 Post subject: Re: Listen Up People!
PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:07 pm 

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Also, just an FYI: the Archive Team did a web crawl of and these forums on August 4th, 2016 (unfortunately, the forum comments Sysop deleted in 2013 are still gone). In the event that this website goes down, a WARC dump can be downloaded at ... 0804160002 or viewed through Wayback Machine. Even if this website goes down, the stories are safe.

In regards to getting in contact with people, I know that there are a couple of websites in foreign languages dedicated to theholders, some of which are still active or semi-active.

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