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 Post subject: Chapter I
PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:03 pm 

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In search of The Holders
Chapter I
‘’I am searching for someone who calls himself The holder of…” was my daily question. When I was not trying to steal, kidnap or pray not to die in agony I was a normal 18 years old boy. Well if you ask me, I consider myself a man. My name is Alex Albino- but they call me VI. Yes like the roman number 6. I’m a seeker, and a person for every “dirty” job you had.
My story begins when I was a small kid about 6 or 7 years old- when I saw a Seeker, he was all covered in blood and was screaming for forgivness- to whom I don’t know. I started doing those kind of things like kidnap a person, or rob a shop, it all started when I was 12 years old. But that’s not the interesting part of my story, which is about to come.
It a sunny July day…bullshit It was raining like hell, and I was waiting the train for Burgas (In Bulgaria). To meet with another Seeker whose name was Brick Hendrix. So the train arrives. People start going out in the rain and start walking really fast, because of the rain. When I got inside the train I sat on the first free sit, because I was carrying my bag with me and needed some room for it. As I said I’m a Seeker and I dress like one- you may spot Seekers- most of us wear, some sort of camo pants, boots, knifes, short or long hair, big muscles piercing and a special tattoo. The tattoo –as I call it the Brand (because, when really start doing those things, you will notice it, somewhere on your body-mine is on the neck, I don’t know why it appears, or what it is its mainly purpose). The tattoo is a pentagram, with The devil’s cross, the letter S and a unique symbol. Mine is some sort of a wing. Anyway-back on the tracks. I knew that the train will travel for about 6 hours, so I was carrying, solar charger, another battery, 2 phones, pistol, 2 packs of cigarettes, and some other things that I will tell about when I get to use them.After the first hour, watching some nature and trying to sleep, I heard a child crying. I looked to the seats behind me, and saw a kid, about 6-7 years old. I tried to ignore it, but kinda didn’t go as I wanted it. After about an hour of crying I stood up and sayed “ If you don’t make him stop, I’ll do it”. All of them looked me in fear. Well, after thirty moe minutes in listening of child cry I had enough. I got up and started slowly moving towards the kid. While I was walking I was searching in my pocket for candy. A couple “men” started to move, and were about to get up, when I reached the kid and took out the candy, got on my one knee and and smiled to it with the words “Hey, do you want to make a deal, I’m tired and need some sleep. What do you say I give this and more candy, if stop crying. Ok?”. The kid saw the candy “Thank you grandma” I thought. “Ok, sure mister…“ “Vi, my friends call me Vi- so can you.” I said to the kid. His mother looked me with horror. When I stood up I saw two men walking towards me and saying “Lady, did he hurt your kid? You are a dead man”. I wasn’t scared of them because I had faced way more horrific things than two shortdick pussys. “Hey, I gave him candy, do you want some too? ” I asked nicely. “You are going down”. Said one of them. I got into fight position. They where bigger than me, so I started analyzing the place- two sits on the left and two on the right. Empty seats. Distance in the corridor between the seats is about a meter. The first one approaches. I don’t have to be strong, just smarter than them. His first move was a predictable punch from his right, I dodge it and punched one of the weak spots on his stomach, then I folloed a series of punches into his chest, so he can’t breath later on. One kick into the stomach and he got back. Punch to the chin, then another one in the ribcage. One more punch in the eye with my left hand, so win some time. I managed to get my knife out on its holder on my belt and made a small cut in the inside part of his knee. Disabling him from moving. “Thank you human anatomy” I said to myself. He felt like a bag full of potatoes. Now I had one more man. I wasn’t thinking of spending that much time on him, so I had my knife in my right hand and started with a left straight punch below the belt, while with my right hand stabbing his ankle from the outside. I got up and left this part of the train, leaving them bleeding and crying in agony. I went to the other end of the train and took an empty seat. I needed no more than ten minutes to fall asleep.
“Hey, Mister Vi. Are you sleeping”, I heard a kid’s voice. “No…” I nooded. “Oh, excuse me.”, the kid said, then I remembered his voice. It was the kid that I gave candy to. “No, no problem kid. What time is it?” I asked him softly. “I don’t know, I don’t know the time”, “No problems kid.” I raised my left arm where my watch was, and I saw that about 3 hours have passed. That meant, I was very close to the town. So I took the phone from Brick Hendrix and dialed him. “Brick, I’m about an hour away from the city.” “ok, I am heading to the station” end of call. “Was that your friend?” the kid asked me. “Kinda he is, why do you ask?” “I heard that he is one of you” The kid whispered. “One of who us?” I asked softly, so nobody could hear me. Then the kid pointed my tattoo on my forearm. The same tattoo given me by destiny its self. The kid raised his leg and showed me the symbol on his foot. I knew it is like mine and that he is one of us. But he is 6 years, why him? “Cool, almost like mine. Hey, how old are you?” I asked him “I’m 6” he answered with a bit of fear in his voice. “Hey kid, here is an advice from me. Never try to complete the task, never search for them. Don’t destroy your future. Do it for your self. Now go to your mother”. The kid looked me with a smile and said “You will be the one to end us, only you know their true fears. And now you hold the knowledge. For us, for them and for everything.” The kid vanished. I felt something heavy in my arm it was wrapped in paper. I opened it and saw a pill with the following text. “Drink me, or eat me. Satisfy the hunger for knowledge or the thirst for truth. Your move, Vi.” I knew, about creatures like the kid, but never believed that they were real. I had little information about them, but I knew that in order to obtain something from them, you must give them something. I was staring in the pill when a sudden call took my attention. It was on my personal phone and did not display a number, just a name “Sweetheart”. Strange- I don’t have this contact, or at least I don’t remember putting someone with this name in my list. “Yes”, I started the conversation. “Hey, honey. I just…want to tell you, that I know the things you are doing are not very nice to do nor are easy. So, just be careful, and you can always count on me. I know you are doing it for us, and like every time you go for an object…I just know it can be the last time I can hear your voice. Thank you for everything you have done to protect me, and to make sure that I’m good. I love you honey. I love you Vi! ”, I was speechless. I didn’t have a girlfriend, nor will I find soon. I haven’t seen people that I know in the last couple of days. I tried to call the number, but only the voice message that says this number is does not exists. This was one of the rarest moments when I didn’t know what to do. Drink the pill, but maybe loose a person I may know, or to know everything about the Holders and the objects-again to loose a favorite person. Well, I didn’t have any family members, except my grandmother. My parents, well I didn’t know them very well any ways- I knew that they had died in a car accident, drunk-both of them, deadly drunk. (I just love black humor). I was staring in the pill and note in my right hand and my phone in my left hand. I felt how my heart beast started to raise and I knew the clock was ticking. “Fuck it”, I said in voice. I ate the pill. It had a strawberry taste.

Thank you for Reading till the end.

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