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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:22 am 

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Okay so this is going to be rather informal, bare with me please. I made this account back in January I've been a reader of the holder's progress since 2010, never made an account. its 2017 now. and the BB is basically dead. I hopped back on the actual site to see if my Dump from Jan needed to be updated... and well there have been no real alterations so i'm going to reaffirm the site is simply dead.

A few posts down from this are 2 people Talking about making a discord to chat on about the holder's Series, I fully agree with that. I have some experience maintaining a small Discord network with friends. I'd be willing to moderate an open discord for you guys given that at least one official form Moderator/admin (someone official from the site) steps forward to join as a sub admin to lay out guidelines. That's the intimidate thing that seems to be going on in the BB. Now digging through looking for recent posts from anyone it seems that almost about a year ago you guys were talking about how the site can't be edited without the current owner of the site. So while the stories are safe because of the back up wiki, and people like me taking site archives. this raises an interesting question that i'm grappling with as of current.

The holder's series for me inspired a format of writing that I've been working on for years, where the works are public source but not public domain. This however can only be technically true if the original author, (the person who invented the universe we are playing in) is present to assert those rights. So someone like me who took the archive specifically to archive something beloved and begin work on a series of narrations runs into this problem. Since I do not know who owns the core rights i can not contact them for permission and while i have faith that the community isn't going to back lash if i start uploading audio productions people outside the community can not be held to the same understanding. Since there is no contactable copyright holder for the core work then technically everything is public domain in the same sense that if i write a work as a transformation of the work (fan fiction for simplicity). The original author is who i have to contact to assert that my work is also a derivative work of theirs since they would own the copyright in this case. the issue is that this is a even grayer area in a gray area of Creative commons licencing for collaborative works. everyone has an implied licence but the person who can clarify or give express licence isn't present as far as i'm seeing from BB posts.

The reason i'm asking about this and pointing this out is i'm a fan, i have been for years. I would love to put effort into audio productions of the objects. But when it comes to doing paraphrasing to fit an audio format. I'm technically making alterations without permission for what you're FAQ denotes as the rights holder in this instance. But since the site is dead i can't get that permission aside from a blanket form of consent from the Original Author or core rights holder. Lot of legal mumbo jumbo i know. I bring this up now for this express reason though. I finally have the time to put toward audio production 9 ish months since i made that archive and if i can't be sure of the legality of it i'm going to have to put my efforts into something else. Unless someone can point me to a documentation on the site somewhere where this is explained in some level of detail. I would love to see the Holder's series come back I'd love to be a part of it. The offer to host a discord channel stands regardless of what i'm told about the questions i'm asking here.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:16 pm 

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We already have a discord chat, and there are enough mods there. However, if you're willing to contribute (and do it not like me, who has some Holders stories, but practically doesn't even want to try to translate them - yeah, I'm a language learner) - why not to join?

And yeah. I have all the stories archived. It was done in 2013, but the person who collected the stories for me was really... not so good at it (hope he's really not around anymore so he won't get offended). I can even share the link.

As for the audio production... why not to try? Just make sure you won't abandon it. We had enough of abandoned yet ambitious projects, we can't afford many of them anymore, I'm afraid.

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