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Author:  DemonicKingOfDiddling [ Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Fan-made series

A few years ago was when my best friend first introduced me to this amazing site. He also introduced me to SCP. The stories and creativity inspired me. It inspired me so much, in fact, that I've begun writing a series of stories called The Holders. Now, the way I use each Holder is fairly different from the site. In fact, there are some Holders included in my stories that aren't on this site. Another thing that's different is the fact that each Holder item is actually an ornate ring inscribed with a symbol to represent what powers it brings. Also, each Holder item literally has a mind of its own, and while most like to just stay dormant and basically sleep while the Holder themself does whatever, there are some who are very greedy, and simply wanted a body. But whenever these items are not "Held", they simply wait until a person comes along whom they like, at which point they "call to them" and create a contract with this person. This contract enables the user to obtain the powers which come along with the item, but in return, the person must sacrifice something that is special to them (usually a body part of something like that, depending on what the item wants) and it is in that thing that the item's "spirit" will reside.

But, these Holder Items were mainly used during the dark ages, back when Kings ruled most lands. Eventually, the Holders started disappearing one by one, until they faded into myth. But in the year 2398, the CIA (Yes, that's right, the CIA, I mean it) uncovered a chest containing five Holder items. This chest was hidden away in a castle. The CIA detected strange energy signals coming from the rings, and some agents reporting hearing voices tempting them to take the rings for themselves. So, the CIA decided to bring it to a secret facility to do some testing on it. One agent was told to put on the ring, and thats it. But the agent said "I can't. It won't let me. It says I have to make a contract first." The scientists then told him to make the contract. The agent decided to sacrifice his left hand. Immediately, vines lept out of the earth beneath the agent and constricted him. The vines then wrapped around his left wrist tightly until his hand fell off. The agent didn't scream in pain, however, because he was very tough. One of the vines then picked up the ring from the pedestal and placed it on the agents right ring finger. After this incident, the scientists told the agent to take the ring off, but he responded "No. I'm afraid I can't do that. I made a promise. I cannot take this off until the day I die." "What do you mean?" one of the scientists asked. "I mean, once I created the contract, the ring fused with my skin. I am a Holder now."

One of the generals overseeing the testing, Alex Maynord, stepped in and sent the agent along with the ring to the SCP foundation. There, he was told to explain everything. He explained how he was now the Holder of the Jungle. He had the power to create and control and Jungle-native plant he wished. He also explained how the Holder Item was kind enough to share its knowledge with him. He told the foundation that there are countless other Holder Items scattered all across the world, each of them with their own power, but each providing immortality.

And so, the foundation sent out their best agents to collect the rings, and 17 years later, they had collected over 3,000 Holder Items. Eventually the CIA decided that the Holders could be used as a weapon, so they recruited as many people off the streets as necessary. However, due to humanitarian laws set by the UN, the could not experiment on them. So, they cloned them, then simply left the originals back out on the streets to die. Most of the people cloned were teenagers, and the CIA chose to focus on this age area due to the physical capabilities and energy they could have. But before using a Holder Item on any clones, general Maynord demanded that he have a clone of him made, and that the clone be made the Holder of both Imagination AND Creation.

The CIA set in motion Project Holder Academy, a "school" where they sent the clones to be trained to use their new abilities. The CIA itself did not choose who got what item. Instead, they let the items choose for themselves, assuring that they would be happy and willing to reside in that new body they choose.

In 2467, there was an invasion by a hostile alien race out to collect slaves and territory for their evergrowing empire. They were the Onagans. The Onagans had advanced weaponry that made our weapons seem like toys. They had weapons and armor which essentially rendered our weapons useless. Facing no other alternative, the desperate UN looked towards the SCP foundation. However, because the main reason the foundation was made to contain DANGEROUS things, they had very little to offer.

It was then that the CIA revealed Project Holder Academy to the UN. The UN immediately agreed, and gave full control to the CIA. The academy sent out the newly trained Holders to the frontlines, where, alongside surviving countries' militaries, SCP agents, and SCP's themselves, threw back the enemy to a defensive position. The Holders were very powerful. Eventually, the Holders destroyed the Onagan flagship, along with all the empire's leaders, and proved to the rest of the universe that mankind was ready for anything. But during the war, the Holders were ordered by the CIA to perform countless inhumane acts.

It was because of this that many feared the Holders and their powers. Many wanted them all to be executed out of fear. But the Holders wanted none of that. They rebelled against the rest of the world. The UN fought back with all that it had left. Eventually, both sides came to a stalemate, and made a treaty. The treaty promised that as long as the Holders were left alone, they would do no harm, nor use their powers. Ever.

But in the year 3147, one of the most evil of the Holder Items finally reached its goal. The Holder of Ice, George Conary, had became a vile and disgusting man after the war due to the Item's powers slowly eating away at his heart. Eventually, he went mad, and killed his own wife and daughter. His eldest son, Kevin, was going to stop him, when he was called by the Item of Ice. The Item of Ice was one of the most powerful of all, and was able to put Kevin in an almost tranced state of mind. Kevin unwillignly made the contract, and passed out. When he awoke, he found an icicle covering his right arm, and the tip of the icicle was impaled into his father's chest. After killing his father, Kevin ran away.

Eventually, he is recruited by the clone of Alex Maynord to join him on his ship, the Valkyrie, as he and other Holders, as well as three SCP's traveled the universe, just living. And that, is where the real story begins.

So basically what I'm asking is is it okay for me to do this? I don't want to find out when I get older that I would've never been able to do this at all, and then just have my dreams crushed right then and there. Please. Help me.

Author:  Taneli [ Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

The whole thing about this Holder of Ice resembles Legion's history, as for me. As far as I get it, his Object is the most powerful and evil one, just because with it he controls 1999 more. And all these crossovers, aliens and stuff... well, if written well, it can work for sure. But, honestly, I don't know.
And one more thing. Holders are not destroyers, but protectors. They'd never attack. They don't need it. The whole thing is not about it at all. The only thing most of tnem want to do is to keep the universe in the way it is. And keep away these evil things from it. And they do it the best way they can - they use the most horrific ways just to keep Seekers away, because they know what would happen of they collect all the Object. It's all more about doing good things with evil deeds, not destruction. Legion is an exception.

Author:  DemonicKingOfDiddling [ Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

Actually, thats what most of The Holders characters want, is to protect their families from the Onagans who want to kill them all. It's just some take it too far. Especially the government. Thats why The Holders eventually rebel against the government to get them to stop using them as weapons. All they wanted was a peaceful life. Its hust that when the government was first recruiting people, they accidently recruited some evil seekers. But the most evil seeker of all was the general, Alex Maynord. That was why he demanded his clone be made both the Holder of Creation AND Imagination, he was trying to make a powerful weapon out of himself. But his plan backfired when his clone turned out to be a good person.

Author:  Taneli [ Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

That's contradictory. They don't honestly care about aliens and allthat stuff mortals care about. They have their job. It's heavy enough for all of them to be distracted with such minor things. They simply don't want it all. They're not horrors who are so want to be released. But what they guard, is. Sort of.
And why do they leave their worlds when they are... gods, to who even death is temporary, and can kill everyone, no matter whether alien or not, in less than a second? And not so many Holders have a family (I can't even remember those who have). They gave it all up long ago for the sake of holding their Objects. I don't even think that they need it. Remember that aforementioned Legion who gutted his girlfriend. I'm sure many of the Holders would do the same, just because they're insane and think in a differend way tham mortals. That's normal for them.
And, by the way, as far as I remember, Creation and Imagination are not that powerful Holders. And I don't think that a Holder would like to be cloned. They'd just kill everyone who'd even try to do so. Or make them go insane, what they do with ease.

Author:  DemonicKingOfDiddling [ Sun Jul 06, 2014 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

I think you're misunderstanding. This series is not to follow EXACTLY word for word the details of the true Holders. Think of it this way: It takes place in what is essentially an alternate universe in which The Holders start out as mortals but then become immortal, and many believed it to be their duty to protect what they held dear to them. But, immortal in this case simply meant they could not die of old age. They still face the serious risk of being heavily wounded. Just not through disease.

Also, in this storylilne, it is quite rare for a Holder to be driven mad, let alone consider themself a god. In fact, many view themselves as silent overseers of the human race, meant to ensure that humanity is not exterminated, whether it be by its own doing, or outside interference.

And as for the part about Imagination and Creation not being very powerful, the way they are used in my story is that The Holder of Creation may create anything he wishes so long as he can imagine it. Thats where the Imagination Item comes in. The Holder of Imagination Item boosts the users' creativity, and also their sense of wonder. Together, these two can prove to be very powerful. However, Alex has a short attention span, so once he's imagined something into existance, he seems to have a hard time making it stay.

And so I reinstate that this series is mainly based on the idea "What if there were a group of people who gained powers from objects they held? What would mankind do with that kind of power? Would they abuse it?"

Author:  HolderOfWin [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

I would be careful about making reference to the SCP Foundation in your story. The SCP wiki is under a difference licensing system than us (specifically the Creative Commons), and their admins tend to get pretty ticked whenever their attribution guide isn't followed. If you only reference the SCP Foundation in general (and do not reference any specific SCiPs), then a link to the SCP Foundation Wiki somewhere in the comments section would suffice. For every SCP object you reference, you would need to include a link to the story on the SCP wiki and author information. Also be warned that your story would fall under CC, meaning that anyone on the internet could freely replicate it so long as they gave credit to you. (Our current licensing guide states that authors keep the copyright to their works). Here is a link to their creative commons guide:

If your fine with these requirements, then there no licensing issues preventing you from writing this story.

Author:  DemonicKingOfDiddling [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

I've actually started going over the liscensing with them, and have gotten everything worked out. But thank you.

Author:  HolderOfWin [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

Oh good. An SCP and Holders cross-over would be very interesting to read. I look forward to seeing any content you post.

Author:  DemonicKingOfDiddling [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

Actually, I first started writing stories several months ago. I just posted them here:
If you want links to specific things, here they are:
The Holders Aftermath Episode 1 "And So It Begins" + "The Badlands Ballad" ... it_27.html
The Hunter: ... unter.html
The DeathS of the 169th: ... -army.html
The Holders Character Profiles: ... files.html
Rikku and Hikaru: ... ikaru.html
Jack's Resolve: ... solve.html
Kate's Revenge: ... venge.html

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Author:  HolderOfWin [ Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fan-made series

Thanks for the links. I've started reading some, but I'll post my thoughts when I get through more.

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