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 Post subject: 2 Holders of Legion
PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:37 am 
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I'd like to share 2 holders of Legion that I created time ago. Sorry if they lack of vocabulary, I'm non native english speaker and I wrote them in my main language (spanish)

The Holder of the Biography

In any City in any country, go to a mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to, go to the reception desk and ask for the one who call himself "The Holder of the Biography"

Once you end your question, the receptionist will wake up to his sit and will go to close the institution door. Meanwhile you must watch every single step of the receptionist and where he is walking, that's the only safe path to find the Holder.

When the institution is closed, every person who exists in the institution will disappear and you will be alone in the dark, try to remember the path very well because is your only exit, walk away and the death will be a really gift in comparison about what is gonna happen. Walk to the receptionist and he will proceed to open the door but instead of go outside the door leads to a endless hall with an unreal amount of doors, the receptionist will walk in the hall, you must follow him until he stops in front of the door. When he does say these words "Who was the man who put them together?" This will annoy the holder and you must not be in front of the door because the holder will think the man was the one who asked the question and he will bring him to the infinite darkness.

Once the man was devoured by the holder hit 2 times the door and enter, if you hear a voice saying you must leave the most stupid thing at this point is run, if you do your death will be long with an endless pain.

If nothing happens when you enter you will appear in a room with a desktop, in the desktop you can see a little notebook. Approach to the notebook and you can realize that it has exactly 1997 pages. The boy who is sitting writing is the holder. You can now ask whatever you want, you can ask for any object or holder, you can ask for their reunion or their separation of the objects, the holder will be really kind and he will answer your question... But if you don't make the question "Who was the man who put them together?" your destiny will be worse than an eternity in the hell.

If you made the correct question, the holder will throw to the floor all their notes and will begin to destroy the desk, take the notebook and get out of there... You don't want to know if the holder destroys the desk and start to face his rage in you.

The endless hall will now show images of your entire life, don't watch! all of them are from the all objects that you have or you will have in the future and you will receive the double torture of each holder in the images.

When you reach the door and go outside, you will wake up in the closest hotel in the city just like you had a nightmare, you will be in the room 538 (No matter the hotel, that will be the room number) and the hour will be the 8:00 PM (or 20:00). Get out of there

The holder's notebook is the object 2535 of 2538.

If you proceed to read the notes, you will realize in the first page that the notes are the life diary of Legion

The Holder of The Holders

In any city, in any country, go to any place where you can find a city map. Stay in front of it and wait until someone appears, doesn't matter is a civilian or a guard of the place, he will ask you if you has something to take notes. For the search I'd strongly recommend to bring the holder's notebook of The Holder of the Biography so you will have something to write everything, now you can understand the meaning of the legion objects themselves.

The person will ask you also what do you want, but don't answer the question and try to convince to the person that you are only watching and you wait someone else, if the person don't believe you, run, the holder now is awaken and he doesn't like to be interrupted in his sleep.

If you are lucky and convince to the person that go away, turn back your sight to the map and you will see now a mark in some part of the city that wasn't there before, that's the position of the holder in the city. For any circumstances you must go to that place, you are allowed to do anything, destroy buildings, kill people, etc. When you reach the place you will find a scroll, is a map and it has an inscription with the characters HH. Open the map and you will fall unconsciously.

When you wake up you will be in a abandoned building in a room, exit the room and you will find an endless hall with so many other paths to go and an endless amount of doors, the places is really unrealistic and don't try to understand it because you will day before you can do it. When you exit the room the time starts to run, you have exactly six hundred and sixty six minutes to find the exit door (And probably won't be enough time to achieve it) In the process you will find the most madness and horrendous places, rounded for something that looks like different scenarios, each room in the complex will show a different reality, so is recommended to open just the door that you believe is the real exit room.

If you are lucky and find the room before fall in the madness, you will now be placed in a big garden with a lot of stones with no random shape, to be exactly 2538 rocks that appoint to a same shape. Walk in the path and the stones will starts to bright indicating the number of objects that you have, if you haven't get any object then the holder's watch will appear and will lead to you to the eternal pain.

When you reach the zone where the rock leads, you will see a man in a throne with a diamond in his hand, don't look the diamond and never touch it, if you do you will be absorbed and return to the complex and will see the madness scenarios again until the end of the days.

The man is the holder, he will show some surprise to see you and will start to count the objects that you have, when he finish the process ask loudly "Who is him?"

The holder will laugh in a evil way and he will tell you with the most exactly detail his life and the life of the other holders, this story makes the seeker grow his rage with the desire to kill the holder, resist, if you do it you will take the place of the holder for the eternity and you will lose all the objects that you have

If you manage to resist the story, the holder will approach to you, he will give you a map and also he will whisper in your ear an address and a name. You never must look the information of the map in front of the holder, instead you must bow to the holder giving the acknowledges to the holder and go away politely (the holder hates every sign of disrespectful or insolence)

When you exit the garden you will fin yourself facing the sky in the ground outside of the city and the map will be in your side with also a paper with the information given by the Holder

This information and the map are the object 2537 of 2538. You know his location and his name, but, Are you ready to face him?

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