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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:01 am 

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In any city, in any country, go to any street corner near a music venue. A kid between age 17 to 28 will stop you and say "Hey man, do you wanna free mix-CD of my music man?" If you respond with "No thanks" you are free to leave and no harm will come to you. If you respond with "Sure, man." however, you have just signed your death contract.

Upon responding with "Sure man." A look of utter jubilation will come across the youths face as he hands you the CD.

The youth will then follow this action with another question: "Hey man, also, I'm really trying to make it out here as a musician, if you'd like to gimme a donation, I'd really appreciate it, it'd really help me out. I need to make it to this Hip-Hop open mic in Detroit. We're all gonna come together there."

If you respond with "Ah, sorry man. I don't have any money on me." the youth will begin to let out an inhuman screech, hurling insults at you. Some die at that very moment from their eardrums bursting. If you survive the onslaught of curses and berating, the youth will then snatch the CD from your hands, ranting about how ungrateful and selfish you are. Before he storms off you must ask. "What happens when you all come together in Detroit?"

The youth will then turn and stare into your eyes, answering you question in horrifying detail. Many go mad on that very street corner, some get shot soon after, and a few listen to Nine Inch Nails. But most do the worst thing, they look upon the album art on the CD in the person's hands. You will want to as well, but be warned, that if you do, your death will be one of terrible Photoshop and loss of faith in humanity. You will doubt that art has no place in the world and everything you've held sacred will crumble around you.

The death of your hope for humanity will be there, at the hands of a terrible artist.

That object is 6IX9INE of 538. They must never come together in Detroit. Never.

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