The Site These Days/ Anyone Around?
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Author:  Decurjin [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  The Site These Days/ Anyone Around?

I have been interested in the Holders for a while now, and have been here visiting the site quite often since August 2015. The last activity from anyone was a post from March 8, and it is now April 10, 2017. It is rather unfortunate to me that Sysop had been gone for so long (since December 2013). I wish that the site had more people on it. I have tried editing once or twice and it never works (when I try to repost a story after a bit of editing it generally only returns with an "unknown action" error. I am very amazed by the authors who have invented such great stories about these Objects, and would be rather glad if the site became active like it was a few years ago.

With this said, is there anyone around who actually knows where Sysop has gone, and do you know why I may be having these errors in editing stories. If so, please reply.

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